Monday, 18 July 2011

Experiences at an Airport

Airport is a place, where we are bound to come early for Check In and other formalities. As I reached Bangalore Airport and Delhi Airport 2 hours earlier to the scheduled departure, I wandered around and wondered.......

Some of my observations:
  • People go around looking for something new and exciting around the airport
  • A BMW kiosk was the center of attention. The Kiosk displayed BMW cars and at the bottom gave information about the airport.
  • Many people were also going through the display of clothes by many Fashion retail houses like Tommy, DKNY etc. Interestingly I could not find even a single person buying or even trying out the clothes. But, some people were buying small accessories, chocolates, sweets and  most of the people bought eatables and food items.
  • Regarding food items, I have observed that people are increasingly buying packaged food to be consumed on flight. This is becoming a phenomenon after low cost airlines have become a rage. These airlines do not provide "free" food on flight, so, I believe people find a wider variety and better deal on airports rather than on flights.
  • Foot Massage chairs are usually kept for demonstration in malls and were available here at airports too. Noticeably, only a few use the chairs available at malls but at the airport, there was a queue to have a demonstration for the same.
  • As soon as the newspapers came in, everyone jumped on them. Almost everyone picked up every newspaper daily possible. As I watched a couple of people, they browsed through the spicy parts of the newspapers and then kept them aside. Only a few went on to read some news articles in details. All such papers went into either waste baskets or got collected by an airport staff (I think to be sold in junkyard).A few people also saved the newspapers for the journey.
  • When we got onto the flight, just a 2.5 hours journey, the observations were even more interesting.
    • Most people fiddle around with every object around them
      • The flight magazine
      • The safety manual --> Some keep it back as soon as they pick it up, dejectedly, but others pick it back to read.
    • People cannot make any calls using their mobile phones on flights. But, they keep playing with the device, just in case it would come alive and get them some entertainment (engagement)
    • Alas, some people start small talk with their neighbors over silly things such as: how rude was the airhostess, weather, India etc.
  • When we touch down, then somewhere in the back of our minds is there a tiny doubt over our luggage: Will we get it back? When will it come? Is it broken? 
  • Public transport and public transport information from the Airports is still not all that great, although we get some options: Buses, Taxis, Metro, Shared Taxi, Autos, Shared Autos; but the challenge is in identifying what suits my needs best and how to know about it. 
I believe, Airports provide a lot of opportunities, and the opportunities are even more attractive because of one major reason:
  "People are actively seeking for solutions!"

Do share what other opportunities come to your mind, or what other observations do you make while in an Airport?


vinay ahuja said...

Really liked the above mentioned observations. You will find lots of people at "Book Stall"(crossword, Landmark). They will be busy looking, reading, buying books,stationary etc.
Even i have brought books from there twice, assuming that i will sit and read that sitting at the airport and then in the flight.
So i think, something can be done at this domain also, targeting people who are interested in reading, or wants to spent there time at airport reading books,magazines etc.

Anonymous said...

Great observations! I have been to airports a lot many times, but, this blog post made me realize what I failed to observe! Thanks for sharing!

I need Help said...

How about designing something for people who cant find their way through the huge new delhi airport...

vinay ahuja said...

I liked the packaged food observation. People are reluctant to bring food from home either because of inconvenience, security reasons or just status inhibition. Food at all airports is also not cheap, but I am guessing airport food joints are still able to cannibalize onboard food and beverages sale.

Posted on behalf of Vinay Dixit

Ankush Samant said...

@Vinay Ahuja: Correctly pointed out, reading is one of the most followed activities in the concerned scenarios. I believe, the books in the range of Rs. 100-150, that are short and simple to read, target such population.

@Anonymous: Thanks!

@I Need help (Prithu?): Yes, we can think of a one end solution for all these!

@Vinay Dixit: Yes! The 2 reasons pointed out for not bringing food are right on spot! said...

I need Help said...
How about designing something for people who cant find their way through the huge new delhi airport..