Friday, 11 February 2011

Donation box design at TATE Modern

TATE Modern in London operates completely on the support of its visitors (over 8 million per year), trusts, foundations, and corporations. Therefore, it is important for the TATE to generate enough interest in people to make donations and keep the functions of the museum going.

Donation is an act of willingness and care. Most donation boxes remain empty as people don’t feel motivated enough to participate in the donation process. Designers of TATE donation box have made efforts to understand the motivational aspect of such donation activity. They have designed the box to enhance the whole experience of donating a few pence with a sense of play and achievement.

The donation box has been designed in such a way that when donors drop coin into the box, it doesn't reach the bottom immediately. Rather it stumbles down from one obstacle to another placed on its way down the bottom. People (especially kids) make multiple attempts to make sure that it takes long for the coin to finally settle at the bottom of the box. This experience is quite opposite to the one that we get while playing Tilt Maze Game where the objective is to bring the metal ball in the center of the maze as quickly as possible.

TATE offers a range of attractions for all kinds of people (tourists, art enthusiasts, artists, and designers), including kids accompanied by their parents, who come to explore and witness the various art lead happenings in the museum. While kids are not real donors, they happen to be the biggest participants in the donation process at TATE. Children accompanied by adults (mostly parents) get fascinated with whole process of donation as a playful activity without really understanding the reason of it. TATE exemplifies in best of ways how experiences that are designed keeping people's context, activities, and motivations in mind are far more effective than other initiatives.

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