Friday, 30 January 2009

User Experience: Less is more?

The Argument
The concept of less is more stands true for content but not for images. While providing content and navigational patterns, users like to see less to understand more. But with the case of images, users need to feel it—which means that doing more with it is more effective and appealing it is to users’ eyes.

Have a look at what Alex does with his website: With representative images and interaction, he proves that the more he showcases, the more his users would want to hang around.

On the other hand, with respect to providing content that is focused, the less you provide, the more you gain. An example of this could be seen at the homepage of Google:

The Judgment
The contexts are completely different. If you want users to hang around and watch you, you give them more interaction elements along with an appealing visual design. On the other hand, if you want your users to handle a focused task at hand, you might want to consider the ‘less is more’ principle.


Sannidhya Misra said...

Thought that was obvious!

When I am hungry and have a 2 o'clock meeting, I would like fast food! Quick glance at a menu and order.

When I am out with the gang on Friday evening, you can wax eloquent about the menu of the day.

Sannidhya Misra said...

And yes...Alex Trochut is demigod.
I don't like the navigation on his site though. Its not intuitive and difficult to control the scroll unless you are really careful with the mouse!