Monday, 3 November 2008

The Persona of an Indian HCI Professional (Salary Survey)

I was looking up at the Salary Survey for HCI Professionals in India for 2006 and thought it would be interesting to look at the 'Persona of the Indian HCI Professional'.

The Persona
  • Is in the 26 -35 age bracket and has been working for 5-8 years. Started working straight after a Bachelor's Degree (possibly 21/22 years old) somewhere between 1998 and 2001 - the heydays of Dot Com.
  • Works in an IT Services company with a title called User Interface Designer [and then the survey calls the industry mature :) ]
  • Is self-trained and does not have formal education in design – may have a bachelor/master degree though. A degree in Product Design & Visual Comm (possibly from NID or one of the IIT) command better salaries.
  • Lives Bangalore and earns 5-7 lakhs/pa.
  • Primarily takes requirements (as told by the customer without applying any UCD techniques - looking at % distribution of 'techniques in use') and designs user-interfaces.

Few Questions:

  • Age: Most people are within 28 -35 age bracket. Does this mean that you don’t ‘design’ after you are 35
  • Probably Yes - The differences in salaries is more pronounced in early and later years. I guess this would ties into how much value can you add to your current job. And how is your current education and current job preparing you for it?
  • Probably No - It's possible that people who are in HCI joined directly from campus (given the dot come hype) and professionals from other industry didn't move to HCI during 1999 - 2001 rush. Hence the most senior people within HCI are around 35 years.

How well paid are we when compared globally?

It also suggest that an HCI Professional is paid as well in India as in other places in the world. If you see the Jacob Nielsen’s survey you will notice that the salaries in the UK are around GBP 30-40K mark – which when multiplied by 20 gives you 800,000. This ties in well with Indian salaries of 500 - 700 K INR. (1 GBP = 20 INR in terms of Purchasing Power Parity or PPP). India is fourth largest economy in terms of PPP.

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