Thursday, 6 November 2008

How to add value to User Interface codes?

Why User Interface is so important?
User Interface is the focus point of User Experience. It is the plane on which user expects many good things to happen. User Interface in reality is the intersection of user’s tasks, his social background, technology, his physiology and many other things, which may be very personal to users. Like user is only having 500 $ in his account & he has to search a gift that is less than 200 $. The importance of User interface code validations is rising up, as Accessibility guidelines are becoming strict, more over it is important to provide a good user experience to the users.

Gains of user interface code validations
1. Accessibility: Not all the users are average some users are special with eyesight disability, hearing disability etc. They mostly use screen reader or other aids to view the pages in websites. A validated user interface becomes more accessible for the users. If he code is not validated the screen reader reads it, but not in the same order in which the page should be read. Some of the content the screen reader will skip move between lines in haphazard fashion causing many problems for disabled users. A validated code is more accessible.
2. Maintenance: A good validated user interface is easy to maintain when the code is given to third party to make any modifications or changes. Research shows it becomes a lot easier to recognize different chunks of code and work faster on a validated use interface code.
3. W3C standards: Following the W3C standards for developing the user interface codes will help the company to get a good name in the market & gain new customers.
4. Client good books: Clients value the steps you are taking to give then clean user interface codes for their projects.
5. Cheap no extra cost or software’s to buy: W3 provides the validation service free of cost. You just need to have an internet connection that is common in workplace.
6. Long-term benefits: The long-term benefits of this simple practice are enormous in terms of RIO & developing a good brand for User Experience service providers in the market.

Steps for User Interface validations
Step 1:
Login to

Step 2: Choose the type of code input method for validation. You can validate by three methods. Each method is explained in the below steps.
· Validate by URL
· Validate by File upload
· Validate by direct input

Option 1: Validate by URL
Enter the URL of the webpage whose code you need to validate. Make sure the web page is uploaded on the internet.

Option 2: Validate by file upload

Option 3: Direct input
This option is a favorite one. Just copy paste the user interface code (HTML) in the text box & click Check button.

Code validations ERROS

Guidelines to follow
The development team should make a habit to run code validation before they submit the pages for deployment. All the web pages need to be validated before deployment. This simple practice of validation will have huge gains & above all, it is a little time that can be invested to gain a more accessible website & client satisfaction.

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