Friday, 26 September 2008

Tafiti’s Way To Go!

This has been contributed by Tanu Miriam George, an employee of MindTree.

I would like to share a super cool website that I recently discovered. I received this link in a forwarded email and loved it the moment I opened it.

Here is your access to it!

Tafiti, meaning "do research" in Swahili, is an experimental search front-end from Microsoft that is designed to help people use the Web for research projects that span multiple search sessions by helping visualize, store, and share research results. Tafiti uses both Microsoft Silverlight and Live Search to explore the intersection of richer experiences on the Web and the increasing specialization of search.

What Makes It Different From Our Google Search Engine?
The visual feel and the interaction is what pulls people towards this website. It’s not like a conventional site where you have just one text box that is well placed so that’s the first thing one sees and a ‘SEARCH’ button very near to it. The site is capable of so much more.

The search results come up in the same window. There is also a filter that is available (like ‘search within results’ in Google).

Another super cool feature is the ‘shelf’ where you can keep all the articles that you may need most frequently. This functionality also helps you customize the site for yourself which is by far an added advantage.

What next for Tafiti?
Still in its beta stage, Tafiti is yet to grow and make its mark. But with these advancements made, this website has a bright future for itself. With clever marketing strategies and advertisements, Tafiti will gain a stronger hold.

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