Friday, 29 August 2008

BBC Sports: An Experience

This has been contributed by Rajeev Chandrasekar, an employee of MindTree.

My favorite section of a web site would surely be

I am a sports freak and also an editor!
BBC's sports website is the best of its kind for its simplicity, accuracy of data and coverage of information world wide. We do have SkySports and EspnStar but BBC is way ahead in terms of the news structure as well as the design. If you look at their website, they have a very user-friendly interface. Everything on the web site is easily accessible. More importantly, they are the first to post any news update around the world, indicating that their coverage is phenomenal no matter where the location.

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aackose said...

Well I do support your views on the BBC, but my heart is still with ESPN. The cool site with a soothing design, comforting user friendly functionalities, score updations every minute, 2d and 3d cricket scorecards and visualisations, taking your mind and body to a whole new world of virtual reality.