Friday, 18 July 2008

Color Combinations

This has been contributed by Phalgun, an employee of MindTree.

My Favorite website for finding popular color combinations-
It’s designed in Adobe Flex. There is an Adobe Air desktop application to download as well.

Anything in mind? Add on.


Phalgun P said...

To add further, Kuler.Adobe provides many utilities, like choosing a base color and the engine will automatically generate matching colors, it also provides certain rules which we are familiar with like Triads, Monochromatic, Complementary, etc. And changes the color theme accordingly, if that is not enough, you could upload an image/photo and choose colors from that image/photo, even here it allows you to select certain moods based on which the color theme is generated, even after all of this the user is allowed to make manual adjustments.

Kudos to Adobe, everything that a designer would ever need.


aackose said...

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